Amanda O'Donnell, Vice President and Senior Consultant

Amanda O’Donnell joined the RPA Inc. team in 2011. Since that time, she has provided comprehensive recruitment efforts, exemplary search facilitation services, and expert counsel to her clients as a Search Manager and Search Consultant. In 2019, she was promoted to Vice President and Senior Consultant in recognition of her great work and limitless abilities. Amanda enjoys establishing and building dependable relationships with clients and candidates by guiding them through a search process that honors collaboration, responsiveness, and integrity. With an eye toward quality and fit, Amanda has recruited robust candidate pools for clients including Howard University, Keystone College, Lock Haven University, and Northern Virginia Community College, among many other fine institutions. Amanda is a graduate of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science.

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Dana John Cohick, President

Beginning his career at RPA Inc. and then rejoining the firm in a leadership role in 2015, Dana combines direct experience in both executive recruitment and higher education. He has successfully facilitated searches for chancellors, presidents, senior leadership and cabinet officers, as well as many other senior-level administrative positions. His executive recruitment work spans public and private four-year institutions, two-year community and technical colleges, public education systems, as well as nonprofit organizations across the nation and provides Dana with the practical knowledge necessary to better match client needs with candidates’ skills, values, and experiences. Prior to 2015, Dana held positions at Occidental College in Los Angeles as a Director of Major Gifts and at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania as a Development Officer. Dana’s bi-coastal experience grants him access to a broad, nationwide network of professionals, and his high capacity for meaningful and effective communication, combined with a dedication to building the deepest candidate pools, allows him to lead results-driven searches effectively and efficiently. A graduate of the Schreyer’s Honors College at Pennsylvania State University, Dana’s combined history as a recruitment specialist, front-line fundraiser, and executive recruitment consultant enables him to align institutional goals with candidates’ abilities, delivering a nuanced, experience-driven perspective. Through both executive recruitment and fundraising, Dana has spent his entire professional career advocating for the value of higher education, fostering relationships that result in the successful commitment of time, talent, and treasure to meet the needs of colleges and universities.

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Isaac Karaffa, Vice President and Senior Consultant

Since joining RPA Inc. in 2010, Isaac has managed nearly every aspect of the executive search process, from identifying prospective applicants, fielding initial inquiries, and screening candidates to leading campus-wide listening sessions, drafting high-impact job postings, and conducting in-depth candidate interviews and reference checks. Thanks to this broad experience, Isaac provides his clients with a high-level perspective of the search as well as a firm grasp of the finer details, both of which are critical to search success. He has managed more than two-dozen searches on behalf of a diverse array of institutions, from research universities and community colleges to faith-based schools and regional public institutions, and for a variety of positions, including faculty, deans, directors, cabinet members, and presidents. In addition to consulting on searches, Isaac also manages marketing strategy, promotional campaigns, and sales. Prior to joining RPA Inc., Isaac held positions in the non-profit and retail sectors, experiences that cultivated in him a strong sense of mission and a commitment to providing excellent service to clients. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and he sees his work with RPA Inc. as an opportunity to advocate for and advance colleges and universities by helping them to identify and recruit high quality leaders dedicated to student and institutional success.

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Jamie Larson, Project Manager, Search Marketing & Communications

Jamie Larson joined the staff at RPA Inc. in 2015. During her time here, she has assisted with virtually every aspect of the RPA Inc. search process and quickly grown into her current role as Project Manager. Jamie’s primary responsibilities at RPA Inc. include management of candidate application materials, development of informational materials used by RPA Inc. consultants and client institutions throughout the recruitment and interview process, graphic design, proposal creation, and client website management. Jamie's organization skills, attention to detail, eye for design, and ability to learn and adjust on the fly are integral in meeting our candidates’ and clients’ needs. She comes to RPA Inc. with a background in marketing and market research stemming from her work with the national advertising agency GWA Inc. as well as customer service experience with Marriott Hotels. Jamie graduated in 2011 from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) in Marketing.

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Kendra Mozug, Search Consultant

Kendra Mozug joined the team at RPA Inc. in 2013. Through her work as a Search Manager, Kendra has become an invaluable member of our team. As a Search Consultant since 2018, she works with our clients to deliver tailored search services, recruit exceptional candidates, and provide fulfilling search experiences. Kendra’s dedication to candidates and clients goes beyond measure, and she brings a strong relationship component to the search and interview processes. Her commitment to the work of executive recruitment stems from a desire to enhance the impact of higher education through matching the values and qualifications of candidates to the needs and aspirations of the institutions she serves. She has partnered in successful searches for clients including Truman State University, Howard University, and institutions within the State University of New York System. Kendra is a graduate of Lycoming College, with a Bachelor of Arts in Managerial Economics.

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Kira Heath, Search Manager

Kira Heath joined the RPA Inc. staff in 2019. In her role as Search Manager, Kira meaningfully engages with prospective applicants and candidates through every aspect of the search process to best serve our clients. Her valued skills include high-quality recruitment and networking, in-depth preliminary telephone interviewing, and thorough reference checking. Being fully invested in the mission of our clients, Kira brings an eye for detail, a can-do attitude, and high emotional intelligence to her work. Kira has successfully worked on numerous senior-level executive searches for cabinet-level positions. Prior to RPA Inc., Kira enjoyed a successful career in the hospitality industry as a Front of House Manager and previously studied at Mansfield University.

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Lois Gateley, Information Specialist

Lois Gateley joined the staff at RPA Inc. in 2010 with a background in data analysis, database maintenance, and product management. Bringing a keen eye for detail, her primary responsibilities include ensuring the accuracy and ongoing maintenance of our network of leaders, experts, and professionals. To meet and exceed our clients’ needs, Lois works in consultation with RPA Inc. search consultants for every search, assuring outreach to appropriate potential candidates across the U.S. and abroad, forming the basis for each client’s unique and original candidate pool. She also provides updated information on higher education and nonprofit leaders, researching and adding additional records as new leaders emerge. Her thoroughness and dedication create the necessary foundation for every successful search. Lois earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and taught for five years at Ebensburg State School and Hospital. Prior to joining RPA Inc., Lois served Brodart Company as a Product Manager/Senior Data Analyst for 23 years.

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Richard Allen, Founder

Richard Allen founded RPA Inc. in 1988, for the express purpose of helping colleges and universities to identify and hire the best possible new team members. Establishing RPA Inc. as a national firm by utilizing proactive recruitment techniques and state-of-the-art technology, Richard designed a search process that is modeled on his own history as a highly successful fundraiser, linking client mission and needs with candidate values, skills, and qualifications to confirm the harmonies of shared purpose and aligned interests. By providing unparalleled levels of information and professional discernment, RPA Inc. offers clients the opportunity to make hiring decisions with maximum confidence, and to achieve outstanding results. Richard graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and completed Harvard University’s program in Institutional Educational Management. Prior to founding RPA Inc., Richard enjoyed a successful career in higher education administration, serving as the Vice President for College Relations at Gettysburg and Franklin & Marshall Colleges. In addition, he held senior level positions at Lafayette College and Bucknell University.

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