Commitment to Inclusion

RPA Inc. makes a conscious commitment to assure full inclusion and to foster diversity in all of the searches it undertakes. 

Reaching a Diverse Population:

  • RPA Inc. assists in identifying venues for placing position announcements that will reach the broad spectrum of underserved populations, and includes language in all advertisements encouraging participation by women, ethnic and cultural minority members, and members of protected groups.
  • Direct contact on behalf of client institutions includes telephone calls and email directed to women, individuals of minority ethnic and cultural origins, veterans, and individuals who hold protected status for any other reason.
  • A special effort is made to ensure that individuals currently employed in historically black colleges and universities, tribal institutions, Hispanic-serving institutions, and institutions with traditions of service to women or other protected classes are included in the initial targeted outreach.

Proven Results:

Candidate Pools

• 22% to 73% Ethnic or cultural minorities or members of protected groups

• 11% to 53% Women


• 40% Women

• 31% Ethnic or cultural minorities

Winners Placed

• 28% Women

• 25% Ethnic or cultural minorities


*NOTE: Statistics are averages based on full service searches conducted by RPA Inc. within the last five years.